Friday, January 2, 2009

New year again.... They just keep comming.

Late night blog from the phone so it will be short this time i promise.

This year i have basically three objectivs.
First find my self spiritually.
Second learn some panpipe
Third find my self physically( is it even a word? )
Bonus would be taking mc drivers licens.

I kinda feel lost even though i am living my Dream. I am not sure who i am or whom ive become.

I still have my weight problem so i need to start my journey by concentrating on my weight.
And to start this journey i have spent some time prepering me mentally for it. It will be though at first but i know for sure that it sill ease up the furter down this road i go. But it will require much of me.

Anyway batteries are running low i will write more about this

Best regards

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