Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back again but for how long?

An so we are back at blogging but for how long this time? It always seem to slip out of my hands in after a while. Loosing interest but why? the point of this blog is for my own good and to keep track of my self!. Not to cater the masses or anything like that.

Anyway i am on a diet again. Haivng a hard time keepting to them. But since my major weight problem is due to weight i need to control my food intake / candy intake and thats not an easy thing to do. Also I have to eat more less at each time but 2-3 more meals a day. Becouse then your bloodsuger levels are more stable and your sweettooth is a bit less of a problem.

Also my panfluting isnt going so well basically no practice since last time I poster here in this blog. Main problem is really the notes and what note is what pipe but a very nice panpipe salesman in us helped me with a start atleast.

Meh feels like my life is so "meh" right now. Not sure what to do with it. = ( Wish stuff could be a bit better.

Meh Meh I feel like a nobody. I mean this other weekend i went to a party and i didnt really have the social skills to interact with anyone and i am not intresting enough for others to make contact. And even if i do. All i have to talk about is work and food basically. Also mothers day is comming up quite fast. =( Bad memories comes around.

Hope she has an good afterlife. And hope she know's me and my brothers are well.
I miss her =(