Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beeing large in a Fit mans world

It aint easy to know what to write about in blogs like this.

So i think ill just try it out and see what comes from it. And today i was thinking of bringing up this with overweight and and beeing large in todays society.

The current society is kinda askew feeding people with photomanipulated images of very thin women and bodybuilder men while at the next commersial feeding us with thew newest fastfood or other unhealthy food (Yea i know a burger without dressing is almost healthy food but the general population get the fries dressing ketchup soda also and hence eats to much of the bad stuff)

So with this images and media displays our young and weakminded children are trying to find whats right and wrong. And since two wrongs dosnt make one right both are wrong. Leading to much of todays childrens psychology problems and depressions.

Yea i know i make quite a few assumptions but hay its my blogg! =)

Also this media is fed to the parents who lowers their barriers aginst thise typs of merchendise and foods and such and take it for granted.

What i want to get at is that to live a healthy life in todays society you really have to be knowledgble about food and nutrition as well as be attentiv on the mediafeeds. Espcially for the childrens sake. For the overweight on todays children is as much the society's fault as the parents and it seems to get worse with each new generation. A little slack on what you teach your children will become a even larger slack on what your children teacher their children when the times comes.

Anyway not sure were i am heading with this but still..

To be fit and have a good life you have to monitor your intakes of food and sweets as well as stay active with sports or other activties beocuse both help one to boost morale, self-confidence, prosperous and energy levels and you will have more ability to take in life as it should be and enjoy it.

It goes for everything both material, relations and happyness. And you have the freedome to enjoy what you want without physical hinderance of a large body or berlyl no body ( anorexia and other eating disorders ).

Good health hast nothing to do with bmi or your current size on pants but how your biological body works.

But who am i to say all this?
I am one of thouse large guys around 150kg in weight @ 184cm lenght. I have always been large and always been picked on just becouse of my size. Been one of thouse who had to stand beside and watch his friends jump bungy and not beeing able to do it self becouse of the weight limit.

So now you are probobly asking your self why not just take care of it and exercise more and eat less? Well yea its sounds easy. But aint easy. And one really need help someone who can push and and stand by you one who has the same goals in with training and nutrition. But by your self when already feeling depressed becouse one are large? Probobly not its one helluva downspiral.
And i must say i have been lucky on that part since i have many people who care for me. But somthing is still amiss. And partly by blogging and typing down what i feel on an few days a week basis i might come to understand my self better.