Monday, February 9, 2009

New Week

All fun and happy about a new week. And this week began with an visit to the local health center for some ekg and blood pressure and while the doctor I was assigned didnt talk my native language very good his assistant / doctor trainee did and was pleasant to talk to. Anway wasnt what I expected though tomorrow morning I will have to to back and thay will drain me of blood to test it for loads of stuff like blood fats and such. Hopefully we can get some results and start me on my new course for taking care of my self. It will probobly be though and panfull but it needs to be done.

The day is suffuring its end and I think ill head for bed. Quite a long day and an other long one will follow tomorrow.

Over and out

Remind me to post more intresting stuffs in this blog will you=)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It aint easy =(

Heh it aint easy to find the time and a topic for each post and sometimes there isnt just enought time. I prefer to be alone when I write this blog and thus dosnt have much alone time nither.

Today I am posting from pinky. Pinky is my new 8.9" laptop, acer aspire one 150. I am finding it very pleasent machine. It is light just around 1kg and large enough keyboard to not have trouble typing on. As well as having a very sharp screen for viewing most kinds of digitalised video.Though havnt tried anything at 720p or 1080p but at thouse sizes the screen cant really view the video fully since its only at 1024*600 in resolution. But I like it, fills my need and just using it for small we development and some notetaking. Fun part is that its still way better then the laptop I was using when I went to programming school, and that one I got 2004.

Hah when i think about it its 5 years ago and apparently I have been working as a proffesional game developer now for almost two years kinda impressiv. Heh time flies by when you are having fun =)

Nah this has to be it for today. Take care folks.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Age, Birthdays and Pinky

Yesterday I turned 25 and I felt the age rushing over me. I had to host my own party for the family for the first time ever. Before my mother passed away she was the party host and always had so much ideas and such. I tried my best and most of my close relatives came and we had some cookies and pastry along with a cake of cream chocolate and meringue. Got some nice stuff including a framed picture of my mom. Kinda took the edge of me and I cried a bit =(. Miss her so.
Also got two boardgames that i will try to play soonish maby like next weekend or so. The whole thing lasted for like 3 hours or so. Then I played computer game all evening long and took it easy.

Been stressfull around here latly and kinda needed the whole take it easy and stare at a wall kind of thing. But with birthday partyand such it wouldnt be easy. But it turned out to be less then i though so ill try to rest and focus again.

Need to get my focus back regarding my goals around weightloss and also regarding my general health. Apparently I currently have a high blood-pressure so I really need to start taking care of me. But its hard since it involves totally changing my lifestyle and it will be really hard to not fall back into old habbits. But I am also afraid, really afraid of what is happening I am not sure how to respond to it and what to do. Beeing afraid just feeds the stress too. Kinda feel like just dissappearing from here from now from pain and more pain. Also one of the things that stresses me is the thoughs about future and what will happend if I loose my work or if my insurance wont cover stuff and so on. I am not high on cash. Everythign is so expensiv. But hopefully stuff will go better when I a raise at work. It will probobly help a ton.

The panflute practice seems to give some results. I can now produce almost all notes, still needs loads of work to make them clear but the higher notes was so hard to play at the start.

Weight isnt going well at all. Pizza and the birthday cookies and cake aint the best medecine for it. But I will fight to gather my self again and continue working. Because I rather see this as a setback then a loss.

Fighto Fighto!! ( *squeaky japanse voice* )

ow almost forgot pinky
Pinky is my new netbook. A pink Acer aspire one 150. Like it very much so far. feels so much bigger then one would think when you are writing on it. Been doing some php and homepage development today seems to work just fine. Also no problems accessing my local wireless net!! =)
Though it seems a bit hard to get it to work dual boot with debian linux on the sdhc card. Would be wonderfull if i got it to work but it dosnt seem to like it.