Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It aint easy =(

Heh it aint easy to find the time and a topic for each post and sometimes there isnt just enought time. I prefer to be alone when I write this blog and thus dosnt have much alone time nither.

Today I am posting from pinky. Pinky is my new 8.9" laptop, acer aspire one 150. I am finding it very pleasent machine. It is light just around 1kg and large enough keyboard to not have trouble typing on. As well as having a very sharp screen for viewing most kinds of digitalised video.Though havnt tried anything at 720p or 1080p but at thouse sizes the screen cant really view the video fully since its only at 1024*600 in resolution. But I like it, fills my need and just using it for small we development and some notetaking. Fun part is that its still way better then the laptop I was using when I went to programming school, and that one I got 2004.

Hah when i think about it its 5 years ago and apparently I have been working as a proffesional game developer now for almost two years kinda impressiv. Heh time flies by when you are having fun =)

Nah this has to be it for today. Take care folks.

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