Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Diffrent day diffrent life!

A friend asked me how to make a comedy, crime, horror, thriller type of movie so this is just a short short synopsis of that movie =)

p1: "You know once there was a bellman....."
p2: "Contracts his face in horror"
p3: "Stealth guy comes along and shoots p2 in the head over p1 shoulder"
p1: " Hay i was telling a joke here!!"
cop: *looks at the crime scene* "Someone has been murdered here"...

Blah i can tell now that my weight loss plans didn't follow through started out well. But i will do it some day some time. But making life altering changes on one self is very very hard.

Much has happened since last i posted and i dont want to go into all now. But current status is OK.

And while i am at it. If someone could spare me their EEEPC i could have use for it typing game design on the bus from home to work. So i wouldn't mind taking it off your hands. =9