Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meh I suck at updating blogs =/

Been working my ass of past few weeks. Great fun but you can feel the workload on your body. Also during this heavy workload I some how cougth a cold flying about at work and it knocked me out cold. Been having fever dream and stuff and now I am resistant to even try to sleep again becouse I always have nightmares when I am sick.

We at work also had a community even for thouse intrested in our product was great fun. 240 people including the people from work played in a free roll Poker tournament. I am not the brightest poker player out there so I was gone quite fast ended up 138th place. I blame the cold!!! =)

Also been to the health care for an health checkup no real danger from my overweight it seems though I was at the limit for my body can take and was sent on to an health and life style specialist so sort out my life an habbits. I guess there will have to be quite alot of changess to be done. Hopefully it will be stuff I can handle. Else it will be very very very hard for me to accept the changes even if I must due to my health.

Meh also having problems to stay motivated with the panfluting due to not having any notes or an idea what note each pipe is. Kinda hard to figure that out since I am a total noob at music scores and stuff.

I guess I am off. I am writing this of my cute little pink Acer Aspire One in bed. Perfect computer for stuff like this or smaller programming tasks and stuffs.

Over and out.