Monday, February 9, 2009

New Week

All fun and happy about a new week. And this week began with an visit to the local health center for some ekg and blood pressure and while the doctor I was assigned didnt talk my native language very good his assistant / doctor trainee did and was pleasant to talk to. Anway wasnt what I expected though tomorrow morning I will have to to back and thay will drain me of blood to test it for loads of stuff like blood fats and such. Hopefully we can get some results and start me on my new course for taking care of my self. It will probobly be though and panfull but it needs to be done.

The day is suffuring its end and I think ill head for bed. Quite a long day and an other long one will follow tomorrow.

Over and out

Remind me to post more intresting stuffs in this blog will you=)

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Terminus said...

Hm well... Onyttigheter is so not the shit x) Jag håller halvt på att avgifta mig från socker igen. Har inte käkat lösgodis på ett år snart x) Eller jo lite en gång men godiset smakade inte alls som jag förväntade mig att det skulle smaka (det var vidrigare). Äckligt att känna smaken av fett flyta omkring i käften också x) Tkr jag iaf ^^