Saturday, January 24, 2009

The lazy Chameleon

Meh been a bit lazy with updating I feel. You yes you are a great comfort to have for support with all that's is going on. Been much at work at home and with everything. Had an afterwork beer with some of the guys this friday with food and some pool. Was fun luckly it was the payday too so we all could afford it. Heh beeing a small company gamedev dosnt always provide alot of cash but hopefully times will turn!! =)

Also I recived my Panflute today. Heh can play most notes but some of the higher ones I cant seem to get to work. But i guess its all about practise. Dont know how to plan the panflute learning though. I have some exelent help from youtube. But after that I dont know. How much time should I spend on these exercises? half an hour a day? then after that I guess I should start to learn witch note is witch and try to play somthing. Donno what songs that is actually panflute friendly =) Any ideas would be greatly appriciated.

In the weight section of this newyears resolution I am fighting hard. And I do have succumbed to the temptations of candy and unhealthy food. But walking to and from work is still going strong.
Like now I am writing this blog and eating some panpizza. But ill try to keep it at half only. My main goal is try to build an lifestyle I can support and not just fallback whenever I am done with the diet. But I am working on my focus as much as I can. Also I try to allow myself some candy at the weekends as akind of a carrot to worktowards. Just keep it smaller then I used to.

This is it for now. Actually have more I would like to post but I think ill post that in a seperate post. I wonder if i write I to much. Seem very selfish when I reread my posts.

Anyway have an great saturday night.

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