Monday, January 5, 2009


Gf is back now partly why its 2 days since i blogged When she got back we got pizza. Not the best of meals for me but still a meal. Ate half the pizza and saved half the pizza for dinner the day after.
As part of my new mentality to each small portions of food. So far so good. And so far candy hasnt really been a problem either. I just try to avoid to buy candy such for now.

I feel greatly more calm now that gf is home and I can finely get some peace when sleeping. Almost turned back my sleeping habits now.

Wherever we are wherever we go we as humans are bound to meet many crossroads during our life's. Mostly because our society is littered with them also because the human mentality want the options, we as humans want to choose. But there are choices in life that we dont want. Like saving my doughter or my son from the burning house and so on. Sure it aint bound to happend and the best choice is to prevent the situtation all together. Witch in it self isnt always an option due to the cash flow of that person.

Why am I blabering about this now? Becouse I just faced one of thise crossraods. The doctors said to me that if I continue with my old/current lifestyle i would become an patient of the heart and bloodvessel doctoers in a not to distant future. So he gave me the option to continue or listening to him. Its kinda nice but on the other hand if I was just a tad weeker and didnt have my gf would i be able to stand up aginst the cravings for "bad food" and candy on my own?

Each body each living breathing entity of this planet is an biological machine and while doctors have proven to prevent/rebuild/replace much ot this machine there are many parts that isnt replaceble. We all need to take care of our selfs and our surroundings and eachother if we are going to survive. Because not all can care for them self not all have the strength to face the reality not all have the economics to support health.

My self made the choise to focus on my self this year to deleop my self and maby finnely feel good about my self. We will see.

As soon as my scale pick up my weight again I will start writing it here. Hopefully it will motivate my self too.

I guess I am out of here for now. take care.

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