Monday, January 12, 2009

Minimize, Maximize

Is there anything that is optimal for every given situation?
I think not. So the big question should one be content with that or should one work to improve so called "min maxing"? or should one be content with what you got?

And in regards to this I guess its easy to become ones worst enemy. Thinking to much on each situation. On the other hand given time to actually think through might stop stupid mistakes. So a balance is to be archived. Questions I get regarding this I usually answer do whatever suits you best for now, or do whatever you find most fun. Mostly based on the persons situation and question. Because for me life is about fun, and one can use one's creativity to alter most situations to fun.

In today's world everyone try to Maximise profit minimise expenses and just become rich regardless on whoever thay step on. Its very understandble but at the same time not. I cant say I have an good sallery I can almost say I have a bad one but still not. But still I and content with my current situation and living. Sure there are stuff I want or would fancy. But do I need them? no not really. I rather look at that stuff as rewards for progressing life. And stuff in it self requiers time to use meaning I wouwld have to maximise my own time witch I dont want since I am an casual adventurer.

Meh like always I am not sure were I am going with this.

I cant continue this sorry. Maby some later.

Weight update.
Gone quite good some bad.
Been a tad much pepsi latly.
Also we still had some holyday candy / cookies that was eaten
and also I bad a tad much candy this satureday. But other then that it is going quite good.
Have made smaller portions I am walking 6km a day. And I am keeping my hands off candy when I go to the store. Hopefully it will continue like this and it should yield atleast 20kg off in weight. At a time I should feel stronger and widen my work on weight. The ultimate goal would be to fit XXL cloths because then I could shop in normal stores again!!.

Panpipe update.
A friend of mine helped me find a store that sold them. Not really an easy instrument to find. I will order one next sallery thay are about 100$ so. I will also need to find some guide/notes that are suitble for newbee training. And find the ultimate goal for this year. An full song I should be able to play in one go!!. if you have any suggestions drop it in the comments.

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