Friday, January 16, 2009

Ocarina on the iPhone!

Allthought i have known about this fun app for a while but took me an while to get it but yesterday i came around and bought it. And it was about 100 times more fun and working perfectly. Was very easy to get going with an very extensiv song notes on their hompage. Been training to play x files. I think i should make that one for panpipe too. Nice and quite simple tune.

On an sad note, an collegue is going back to school feels kinda sad. Plesant and fun guy to work with. Me and an other collgue bought hin än clone a willy for leaving gift. Kinda fun and all the guys at work laughed and got some fun out of it. Not likly he will forget us now. ;).

Ill consider this Day an failure on the weight apartment since i ate both some chocolate and pepsi. :(

The ocarina i see as practise and fun till i get my new real panpipe.

Anyway its late and long Day tomorrow. So you tkae care.

Over and out.

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