Thursday, January 8, 2009

Like sands of the hourglass are the days of our life's

Ok the rodent wheel began to spin again. Started working yesterday after 2.5 weeks of winter holiday kinda nice to be doing somthing atleast. Sitting at home is kinda boring.

Oh why is it like that when you are free you dont want to do all the stuff you know you need to do but while you work you want to fix your appartment travel and have adventures?

I guess my problem this time off was that i didnt have gf at home. And was kinda stunned of how lonly one can feel when get to used to having someone around. So didnt happend much. Low cashflow and no car makes travel around to friends and stuff a bit harder too. But i also got the time to be for my self and think and focus for the challange ahead of me. I need to take my weight problem seriusly and fight to remain sane and dont fall back to old habbits. But so far so good. though only 8 days into the new year and i have already sinned. Thoughi will allow me some sin( candy cookies and such) because totally shutting it out will only backfire witch i have prooven to my self before. But I havnt bought any candy or cookies so far and that feels good. Also about halved my dinner portions and eating som yoghurt for breakfast and 3oclock food.
Trying to keep an solid 3 hour between foodintakes too. Making sure the digestion is up and running almost the full waking day.

Enough rambling about this. And i think its enough for today too. Gonna play some games with my girl now! =)

Just wishing i can keep this up. I want to loose weight. I want to drive MC, I want more adventure!


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Isbit said...

Aw, I think you can make it, and you seem motivated enough :)