Friday, January 2, 2009

Rough start..

Had a very rough start on this year. Today i spent 4 hours at the emergency for tense and numb left arm, shoulder and breast/heart region.

But hopefully i am here to stay and keep blogging i think i really will need it if i am to succeed this journey for an fit body.

Soon the christmas holydays is over and its back to work again and hopefully i can put my mind somewere else. And we got an 24/7 workout place just around the corner so maby i should join them. But i rather play squash or some other activitie. I prefer to engage in stuff rather then just lifting weights.

Anyway i need to turn back the day again before work starts so ill try to hit the bed early.
Anyway I hope this night will be more plesent the the night before becouse that one was horrible. And as well i dont want to have the same nightmare becouse the one i had last night was really really bad =(.

And tomorrow jan 3 my gf gets back home again it will be a real releaf for me in my current state.

Cheerios folks

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