Monday, January 19, 2009

Who is testing my faith and why?

This is the third time in a year I have been stopped to help push a car a few hundred meters along some road or across some circle or major traffic light crossover. Very stressful and all three times it has been at the end of the current direction ( aka almost at work or almost at home ) meaning i have had 3 km hard walk before the push witch makes me totally exhausted when it comes up. Because I still weight in at 150kg meaning my stamina aint the best.

But at the same time each of these times there have beeen numerus people passing by not helping. Why is everyone so into what thay are doing that thay cant just stop by and ask if they need help or anything like that?

Anyway all three times i have helped. It is nice to feel helpfull and see other people smile.
Kinda makes me remeber the movie/book "Pay it forward". To change the world with a only a few steps per person. Just by reaching out and help thouse who cant help them selfs. The result would be an utopian world Because at the end there would hopefully not be anyone left who was in more then thay could handle.

If you havent read the book or seen the movie I would recomend it gladly. One of the few movies that actually thouched me to the core.

With a hard walk and some car pushing behind me I kinda feel the need my body has for physical workout. I am a large guy. with large bodymass/bone structure. And I guess I should take better care of my body.

Oh btw the season 2 of "The guild" has started and is up to 7 episodes. Great great series just love the composition and the characters. And Felicia Day is hawt too!! =)

Also today I put in my order on the panpipe. It will be an bamboo Panpipe with 15 pipes G-G. Around 120$ Hopefully it will be good enough or at least good enough to learn on. When one knows a bit more one might actually know what to look for and such =)

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