Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chameleon the followup

My intent in last post was to discuss the human chameleons but never got to that. Like always I don't tend to keep clean posts but rambling on like an idiot.

Anyway Chameleons an interesting creatures, They observe their surrounding and try to act accordingly as both an offensive and defensive manoeuvre. And by trying to blend in gain the best advantage of the situation regardless if it isn't it's most favourite situation. Humans are much alike. With de difference of environment and that humans are pack animals. And that humans being pack animals makes all the blending in so much more weird. Anyway I would consider myself one of those chameleons because I have the ability to mirror in relatively short time and regulate my own behaviour to reflect that group or individuals interest and also use the information gained to better explain or handle a conversation....

Train of though lost short version: Some people have the ablity to blend in emongs many diffrent types of people then others have due to certain knicks and traits. But having this ability also makes one wonder who one really are if your personality shifts ofthen between diffrent groups of people. Ill try to follow this up tomorrow

For spotify users:
Found it toda kinda odd song but I like it! =) Apparently was on some Schalger a few (30 or so years ago ) By the artist/group Teach-In

Man i have a reallly hard time to finnish of the blogs. Usally I come up with somthing to write then when I start to write it somthing else comes up and then I lose my points / or train of thought.

Doing my panflute exercies daily but still not good at the tunes at the higher end of the scale. Hard time to get a clear note from the pipes =(.

Weight is a mess. Need to have my birthday and start to focus again =(

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