Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wonder were the Christmas spirit went this year because it didn't visit my world. I wonder if there are any spirits left. Since my mother passed away the world just seems grey and boring =(.

Kinda need a new screen for my pc. Thinking of dell's S2309W with full HD resolution. We got one at work and it looks good and the picture is crystal clear.

Have been having hard time to sleep since gf went on her holyday with her parents. Kinga hard to be totally alone again after spending so much time together. =( Miss her greatly. Especially in the current season and mood.

I am kinda living my dream right now with work and such. Not sure were to head further down this path. Hopefully i will stay with my current work for a long time and be part of some greater development then what we are doing now but who knows. We are working hard to devliver top notch stuff but if we dont get enough attention and customers we will have a hard time anyway so that part of my future is kinda insecure but not effecting me greatly due to my beilves that i have the world at the palm of my hand so to speak.

Found a new tv series today called merlin. Good stuff wish thay would make more fantasy series. There are so many great fantasy books out there that span over 10 volumes or more and would be more suitble for series then for movies. Good example of this is The lord of the rings vs harry potter. Lord of the rings was cut down greatly but still 3 long movies to 3 books. But when you get up to harry potter movies there are 7 books and probobly 7 or 8 movies total. And it becomes a much harder workfor the producer to keep the books true story while still having the major plot spanning all books going. So when we look at larger books my best guess is to make a few lengthy series of them instead.

Look at Wheel of time a book series that span over 13 volumes including New spring and thay have gone out saying thay are goign to make 1 possible 3 movies from that. How can thay possible fit all that content into 3 movies unless the movies are 12 hours long each?
I am very afraid that thay will tear apart and make a new "Eragon" movie.

Eragon the book was ok almost good. But the movie really sucked, just wanted my cash back when i went to see it on the movie theaters.

btw have so many subjects i want to talk about so many discussions i want to have with well informed people. I wonder were i can find such people or people with as broad intrests as me.

anyway logging off this mindless early morning. Kinda disslike goign to bed atm so easly get caught up in stuff to keep me from going to bed like writing this blog post.

anyway, off i am

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