Monday, January 7, 2008

Old life out new life in!

Today is the last day of my old life and tomorrow my new life will begin.
I will use this blog for support for the comming months and maby just maby the rest of my life.

And i really hope for support with this. The goal?

Longterm goal is to loose weight enough to shop in normal clothing stores again.
Short tearm goal about 5kg a month.
One might ask how?
More walking less food ( Been eating larger portions of food then i needed )
More controll over food.
Candy and sweets only on saturday and only small amounts.

Since loosing weight aint about cutting of everthing but change the way you live i am not just stopping eating bad stuff.

One other of my major problems is that i dont eat vegetables. I am currently on vitamin pills. Not sure how will work this out. I guess with hard work and good friends or somthing.

Anyway like I said today is the last day for this. Since the Christmas holydays is over and such i will try to make this year and every following year much better!

More info soon along with pictures.

Thanx for tuning in Blakhouse Channel.


also if you happend to have an apartment in malmö eller lund ( sweden) for rent i am very intrested =)

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isdrake said...

Jag hejjar på dig sötnos. Stort lycka till. Jag tror på dig. :D