Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harsh harsh

It has been very harsh this =( Lost controll a few times becouse i actually wanted to chew somthing. Also the saturday went bad. Beought both 200g Marabou Milkchocolate And 100g Hearts snacks. And it kinda feels like my body is screeming after a pizza or somthing like that.
But i guess i really need to focus. Extend the diet a few days becouse of the cheeting.

Anyway i have started to feel the effects of the diet though. Had some dizziness probobly becouse of the low calorie intake.
On the positive side i have notised that some cloths dosnt sit that tight on me anymore.
I really hope i can get the controll over my habits i need from this. Also gonna need to create a nice schedual over my food after this diet. I think i will continue to take the nutrition drinks as inbetween food becouse of my other problems i find this a good solution. While exchanging breakfast dinner and supper for real food in controlled amount.

Anyway i dream of a better body i dream of a better life. I dream of beeing able to wear the cloths i like and not just choose what fits the best.

The goal is a weightloss of about 50kg so that i weight about 90-100kg. And the keep my weight at that.

Future plans is also to start workign out more as soon as I start on normal food again.

Anyway this is it for me today.


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isdrake said...

jag är så glad för din skull *kramar*