Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its an start not THE start.

Ok so today is the first day for the rest of my life not that it feel any diffrent.
It didnt start out good but it did start out.
Bad stuff:
No breakfast
2 Billy's Panpizzas for lunch
Bought WHITE bread ( one filled with flour and suger )

Good stuff
VLCD box so i can start with that for todays dinner.

So currenty i get 4 bad points and 1 good point.

Some might say that VLCD is a bad thing too but I dont see it that way
I see it like a kickstart. Some help for me to get the controll over what i eat.
So that i can later exchange some portions of it for real food with an controlled amount
of calories and such.

Anyway like i said in the topic it isnt the best start but its an start.


Current Status
Bad: 4
Good: 1

1 comment:

isdrake said...

Imorgon ska jag dra igång. Har kokat kidneybönor idag (har inte kokat bönor sedan vi slutade träna) och marinerat dem. Det blir fin fint det.