Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lazy =(

Bah i am to lazy updating this blog. I also starting to think that maby i should update this blog with entries conting somthing else then weight and life stuff.

Any suggestions?

I have soooo much to say about everything but i am way to lazy to actually say it or discuss it with people.

I have an sin to confess.
I am addicted to Pepsi Max.
Yesterday i was out of pepsi and since this month has been harsh economic wise i didnt have cash.
I could feel my body screen for pepsi. Its kinda creepy. But now i have some more pepsi so now i am happy again.

I do have lots of problems and lots of wants but i donno what to do with it. =(

Bah no order this post today sorry about that.

I feel weird.
I feel lonly.
I feel stressed.
I feel happy.
I feel unsecure.
I feel my obsession for knowledge.

What to dooo what to doo *running around with hands on head*

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