Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Point Zero

Meh failed TWICE last week. Drank a total of 3 liters of diet pepsi witch is not good.
Man old habits are a hard to turn away. This whole day has been a fight between my body's thirst for something sweet and my self saying now. I mean the "thirst" is so great sometimes that you are willing to just do about anything including walking 6km to and from a store to get what you want. Not that i did but i was prepared for it. But for today my willpower has won!

Been to two more Fitness Box training sessions. Great fun but very very exhausting. Each time i go there i know what is to be expected and is almost turned away. But its still fun and such it has two sides the exhausting part and the fun part. Heh though the exhausting part is really nice once you are done but the way there heh just saying OMG for it!! =)

Anyway a new week and new fights ahead of me.


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