Sunday, August 9, 2009

Change comes from within!

Its true its all in your head or in this case my head.
Anyone can change some have it more easy then others.

What do you want to be? Who do you want to be? what do you want to do with your life?
All these questions food for brain. But unless you do something about them
Though will never become action.

About two weeks ago i said to my self "steel yourself because we/I are to change"
And said and done I started to change my self. No more illusions of just another weekend or
just this time too. Although the change I made isn't one of the most significant i can and will be making it still one that is hard and hearth felt.

Someday soon I will write down the points I want to /need to / intend to change about my self in bullet point form.

But fornow get going with some weekly training and removing the diet soda from my life has been the first changes. Not drinking coffine in any other way has made these two first week quite heavy. But so far so good. Water water water has beeen the replacement for it!

Also really looking forward to the next session of fitness boxing. Kinda liking the whole fitness world. No need to become a body builder just healthy fit and have a visually appealing body.
Seeing a fit women in training top and shorts/skirt/training pants or whatever with hints on some abs or biceps brings some really nice view. Though don't misunderstand me now, my training of fitness boxing has nothing with looking at attractive women, But more having a mixed body training that is also fun to do. And getting into training mode sets my focus fully to my training trying to really learn the motion and movements of my body to understand my body better. Its a really cool sensation thinking of all complex muscle movement needed to drive a punch home straight into the punching bag with full force. Its a great feeling too.

-Blakhouse on the road to a fitter life with more adventures!!

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