Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Always comming back

Even though it for me it dosnt seem it was a while since last post it actually is. Been working harder then ever to get everything up and running and such at work. Taking quite a toll on my self. Also getting hold of a car have made me a bit laze all these days working 12h a day+. But who can really blame me. Working that long then spend an other hour on just getting to and from work. You dont get any spare time left at all. Berly had any as it was.

So basically last 2 weeks or so i have been slacking with walking to work. And today i had to pay for it. I signed up for some Fitness boxing at Malmö Stadion. And man after 5 min of warming up i was almost ready to puke heh. It was a 90 minuts session and I really tried my best. And since i didnt have a sparring partner for the mits and stuff I would have been continuesly do the exercies everyone else did but twice up. But my body wouldnt hold out while my will did so I took quite a few breaks to hold out the entier session. But it was fun. Kinda nice to let some of your frustration go on a sandback or so. Heh it was also way way way harder then i thought it would be. Arms getting heavy legs ( yea there was quite a bit of kicking too. ) was also getting tierd quite fast.

In regards to the boxing part it was really fun especially if you are able to let go and just go all out. Though the few exercies i sparred with the instructor i was really afraid i would hurt her if i even pushed a little she couldnt have weighted more then 1/3 or so of my weight heh. Also learned some comboes that was to be repeated like 10 times in a row. But it was hard to keep up in the combos and the more tierd you got the more easy it was to slip a more in the sequence of hits and stuff. But so far so good. will be going back again and see if i can get better. atleast its more fun then standing on a stepping machine or somthing. Also the people there seems great nice and go for it =) So far only met one of the instrutors there but still summer times so just one session during the weeks. starting after the summer period it will be two sessions a week again. Maby can a be fit for thouse so i atleast can hold an entire session? That is atleast my first goal. Last an entire session =)

anyway this is it for this time.

ow the panflute is kinda laying low. very hard to learn without a teacher or a clue of what pipe is what note lol not really an musican but would like to be able to play =)

- Blakhouse

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