Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Days fly past

Not long ago I started work at this smaller gamedeveloping company atleast it dosntfeel long ago. But counting the time its almost been 2 years soon. And finnely getting settled with everything and getting started again on smaller home projects for fun and personal development its kinda fun to see how much one has grown since last time one was developing projects at home =) Stuff one though was trublesum before one can just breeze through nowdays. But I still belive the best advice I can give to anyone is KISS(Keep It Simple, Stupid). There is seldome any real gain or advantage's to make somthing more advanced from the beginning becouse the rules of the game always are in movement.

Anyway not óther then working eating sleeping I try to rest my body and mind becouse its in the hardest phase of any gamedeveloping cycle we are in at the moment. Also i think that i am party searching for my zen state/enviroment or somthing.

Meh what should one write to become intresting or have people really read your blog? I dont have the time or effort to blog about daily news or the latest political debates or stuff like that. Noir am I an cute girl who can post tons of pics of my self and get readers because of that. g
Ant ideas or suggestions?

I had once a more development oriented blog a bit successfull due to me writing arguments and small essays about user suggestions each week. Was kinda fun but died quite fast too. due to not gaining to much readers from start.

Anyone who would dare suggest next weeks topic to me? Ill write just about anyting.

Meh I am getting tierd so I am off to sleep. Take care people.

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